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Small Business Website Consulting

Grow your small business with a fine-tuned website.

Bulletproof Pixels can help you get there.

bul • let • proof :
adjective : safe from failure; without errors or shortcomings and beyond criticism; a bulletproof website

The Bird's Eye View

Bulletproof Pixels will take a look from "high up" and get an overall view of your website, focusing our attention on things that sometimes get overlooked.

  • Objective Advice

    One often gets so close to their website, their view of things gets skewed. Let us provide an open and sincere view of your website.

  • User Experience (UX)

    Often times the focus becomes on details that may or may not be of the greatest importance to your website's success, clouding the proper view of the UX offered.

  • Common Website Errors

    Many times the obvious goes unnoticed. Things like spelling errors, redundancy, a slow loading page. We can help find and prioritize such items.

  • Overall Evaluation

    We can help determine if your website needs some fine tuning or a complete overhaul. Needs and priorities differ. If things aren't working as you would like, these are possible considerations.

Strategy & Planning

Like all successful endeavors, it begins with having a good plan. After a detailed look into your website, Bulletproof Pixels can help you identify areas that require better strategies and planning.

  • Your Website's Audience

    Though it's important you like your website, it is also important that it is built with your potential audience and users in mind. Do you have a good understanding of your website's intended audience?

  • Your Website's Purpose

    Do you have a clear view of the purpose and goals of your website? This is the who, what, where and when of the "how" you execute a strategy to meet your website's goals.

  • Gathering and Analyzing Data

    Good decisions should be based on good data, both qualitative (insights) and quantitative (validation). We can help determine the level of need for data analyzing and get you started with some of the basics.

  • The Structure of your Website

    You desire the building that you run your business out of to be of sound architecture - so should the architecture of your business' website. Getting your users to the page they want in the most efficient way is often critical to the end result - the first contact via phone call or email to hire you or make a purchase.


Bulletproof Pixels can help you fine tune those areas of "getting found" and "getting that call" that might be lacking on your website.

  • Offerings

    What can you offer the audience to "push" them to call you or visit your place of business? A coupon? A deal? We can brainstorm with you to help identify areas where giving a little might earn you a lot.

  • SEO Audit

    Are you "keywording" your content? Does your search engine ranking reflect this? Is your website's content optimized at the page level to help rank higher? An audit of your website to answer these questions is important to fine tune things toward optimal success.

  • Writing Content for the Web

    You will have visitors to your website who will read every word on the page, and others who will scan and skim the page to find the precise bit of information they are looking for. Your content should be structured to accommodate both types of users.

  • To Blog or Not to Blog

    Blogging carries with it several pros and cons. We can help you evaluate whether the return on your investment of time in writing a blog is something to consider.

Quality of Design & Development

Bulletproof Pixels can analyze aspects of your website that are the most up-front to your users - the quality of the visual design, the navigability of its content, any areas of "brokenness" and more.

  • Identify & Fix Usability Issues

    Are user-interaction elements functioning properly? Are your menus and links easy to discern and use? Are the fonts on your website too small? Too large? Give us five minutes and we can usually find at least one issue that is being overlooked.

  • Content Mangement Systems

    You are writing great content for your site, but how easy is it to do so? Are you using a content management system (CMS) such as Wordpress to facilitate your efforts? We can recommend how to get started using Wordpress (our preferred CMS) if you already aren't. Why pay someone to make minor content changes when you can do it yourself at no cost?

  • Your Homepage "Hero"

    Your homepage is your welcome mat. It presents a clear message to the first time visitor (whether you have planned this or not). Homepages often employ the "hero image", the first visual encounter a user will have with your website. It should convey clearly, both in imagery and the written word, your value proposition and an overview of your site. What can you do for the visitor? How are you different "from the other guy"?

  • How well organized is the navigation of your website's architecture? It's a bit of a myth that it should only take two or three clicks for a user to find what they are looking for. While you do want the shortest path, a hyper focus on the number of clicks is not always the way to approach navigation. Doing so often results in a menu that is as large and unwieldy as a full page of links. We can help you narrow down navigation issues and where they can be improved.

    A "call to action" is a link that you really, really want your users to click. Do you employ this strategy? Are they the "right" CTAs? Are the "above the fold"? This first click should be your best bet at getting that visit or that phone call.

    Is the content on your website, especially your homepage, stale and dated? It's extremely helpful to place "teasers" to fresh content that exists within your website e.g. on your blog on the homepage. We can help you strategize how to accomplish this with a plan for updating and maintaining these elements.

    Aesthetics - the visual beauty - of a website play an important role in first impressions and usability. Well organized and visually pleasing content will keep your user's interest longer. And their attention is what you need to get that call or that visit to your establishment. It might not always be best to judge a book by its cover, but Web users place a high value on the aesthetics of a website - it is a reflection of you, their first impression.