Content Management

WordPress is one of the most widely used and most popular software platforms for managing digital (Web) content. Why? Perhaps it is because it is easy to use. Or perhaps because it requires no programming knowledge or technical know-how. Maybe it’s because it is free (open source). Or, maybe because of all of these reasons.

We build websites using WordPress as our chosen Content Management System (CMS) because we find that most of our clients are already familiar with its admin interface. Even those that aren’t are able to ramp up to speed and begin taking control of their website’s content in a short period of time. And that’s the point, right?

There are a few CMS’s available that are somewhat competitive with one another – WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. All three are popular, but each of them have their own best-suited application. For our clients – namely small brick-and-mortar businesses – WordPress is the CMS of choice, bar none.

Are you able to make edits to your existing content, add new pages to your site, maybe reorganize some of your files all without paying someone a fee to do so? And then have to wait for their availability to get your important information live on your site?

Though we do offer our expertise in writing, editing and managing for a nominal fee, when we build your site, you will have all the means you need to do so yourself. And part of the deal is, we will train you how to use the WordPress admin interface if you are not familiar with it already.

If, as they say, “content is king”, then ask yourself if you are in control over the “king” of your business’ website. If not, let bulletproof pixels help you achieve just that.