A Professional Web Presence

What is a “professional Web presence”?

Remember back in the day when the best way to advertise was an ad in the local paper, or, better yet, a quarter page ad in the local phone book – back in the days of “print advertising”?

Okay, “print” isn’t exactly 100% gone just yet. But these days, if you don’t have a website for your brick and mortar business, your business will suffer. We don’t think there is much need to convince you, the small business owner, of the importance of having a website. Am I right?

All well and good, then – you DO have a website. But just what sort of an impression are you making on (potential) clients and customers? I am pretty sure I fit the norm here. When I need to hire a contractor for some work on my house, or I want to find the closest shop to purchase a desired knick-knack, I first do an online search. Normally, since we all know that search engine rankings “are” important, I will usually click on the link nearest the top of the results that I feel is a good hit. Now here’s where things get interesting – or not so sometimes…

The first thing I notice is how the site is “dressed”. Is is sloppy, uninviting, lacking personality. Maybe it has some cool doo-dad that twirls when I hover it or changes to pretty colors. Wow. Cool. Why do I care? I want to get to where I want or need to go in as few clicks as possible. But right off the bat I get suspicious about succeeding in that goal if what I am looking at is unattractive, without personality (other than just a plain old design or ugly) and obviously poorly organized or laid out. Perhaps I am in my car and I am trying to find just such a place on my phone. Am I staring at a desktop website on this tiny screen?

All of the above could very well put doubts in the visitor to your website’s mind as to your professionalism “on the job”.

We work hard to deliver websites that make great first impressions, are easy to navigate and are without any fancy fluff added “just because we can” or “because it’s cool”. Our professionalism is reflected in the same level of professionalism that your website conveys for you. We want visitors to the sites we build to have an initial “wow” moment, then an increased positive impression as they move through the pages of your site. That is where the digital rubber meets the road. That is what makes a site “bulletproof”.